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When I make an outgoing call, the PbX sends number in the following format: 07 1234 5678. I need to dial to GSM 0044 7 1234 5678. Is that possible with 2N® BRI Lite or 2N® BRI Enterprise?

Gateway 2N® BRI Enterprise supports modification of dialed prefix. This may be done in the section:

Gateway Configuration - Prefixes- Table of Replaced Prefixes

How exactly does it work? All numbers starting with 0 are matched in Prefix list 1 and the 0 is automatically replaced by 0044. Then the rest of the digits after 0 (which means number 7 1234 5678) received from PbX is compared in the Table of Prefixes. If there is a match, the call continues to the LCR section where an appropriate SIM card is assigned to this call.