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1. Outgoing FAX message and data call – When the connected device is able to send CNG tone (1100Hz for fax 1300Hz for modem), the gateway recognises whether the call represents fax or data, the connection will be established automatically. When the terminal does not support CNG tones or some problems with recognition occurred, you have to dial in front of the destination number code *01* for fax call or *02* for data call. This code is used to inform the Gateway that the call is a fax or data call.

2. Incoming Fax message and data call – It is necessary to activate fax and data services on your SIM card. Please contact your GSM operator, which must provide you with special number for FAX and DATA calls (so–called Multinumbering scheme).

NOTE: Used SIM card must have enabled FAX and DATA services and activated multinumbering scheme (unique phone number for voice, unique phone number for fax and data)