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When delivered, all 2N® IP Intercoms come with Basic license. Only exception is 2N® IP Vario with display, keypad (possibly also with camera) which comes with preloaded Gold license. If you want to buy additional license for all other models, the procedure is follows:

  1. If licensed features are required immediately or you just want to test all features supported by 2N® IP Intercom, please activate 800 hours trialperiod in web interface of the unit. Go to  section "System → License → Trial License".

  2. Check with your Account Manager or local reseller in which license you need to activate desired features. You can choose from several different license packages as shown mentioned below. You can also read more information about license policy in "2N® IP Intercom Configuration manual" - 3.2 Function Licensing

    • Enhanced Audio (Part No. 9137905, Axis Part No. 01376-001)
    • Enhanced Video (Part No. 9137906, Axis Part No. 01377-001)
    • Enhanced Integration (Part No. 9137907, Axis Part No. 01378-001)
    • Enhanced Security (Part No. 9137908, Axis Part No. 01379-001)
    • Gold (Part No. 9137909, Axis Part No. 01380-001)
    • InformaCast (Part No. 9137910, Axis Part No. 01381-001)
    • NFC (Part No. 9137915, Axis Part No. 01382-001)
    • IP intercoms Lift module license (Part No. 9137916)

    The InformaCast license allows the SingleWire InformaCast protocol to be used.



    Codec G.729 can be used without a license key in SW versions 2.25 and higher.

    No licensed features are available for the 2N® IP Uni.

  3. Once you choose the appropriate license, please contact your 2N reseller! If you are 2N partner, you can contact our Customer Care department at customercare@ and they will generate it to you. Please do not forget to specify serial number of your 2N® IPIntercom in your request!


All available licenses for specific device are listed in the "2N® IP Intercom Configuration manual" - 3. Model Differences and Function Licensing