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2N® Mobile Video is a paid service. Each new My2N Site is provided with 30 days free trial, so you can test the service free of charge. The service is paid by credit card and it is possible to choose between 30-day and 365-day plan. The price of the subscription reflects the number of devices added to the Mobile Video service. This includes all added devices except for 2N® Indoor Touch set up in local connection mode which is free of charge.



€ 2 per device

(€ 2,42 incl. VAT)



€ 24 per device

(€ 29,04 incl. VAT)


Example: There are two devices (a 2N IP intercom and a smartphone) added to the Mobile Video service, the subscription for 30 days will be € 4 (€ 4,84 incl. VAT).


Add another device during existing subscription

If an additional device is added during the period of an existing 2N® Mobile Video subscription, a proportional price for this device will be charged. The proportional price is calculated according to the number of days remaining in the original subscription. This device will not be activated until the payment is made.


Example: There was a 30-day subscription paid for two devices 10 days ago, so there are 20 days still remaining of this original subscription. If another device is added, the fee for this additional device will be € 2 / 30 * 20 = € 1,33 (€ 1,61 incl. VAT).


Remove a device during subscription

In case a new smartphone was bought and the old smartphone is about to be removed from the Mobile Video service, it is possible to delete the old phone from the Mobile Video service. The newly added smartphone will use the subscription of the old removed phone, so there is no additional payment needed.


Payment method

It is possible to pay the amount for 2N® Mobile Video subscription using a credit card. By activating the recurring payment, the provided credit card will be regularly charged at the beginning of each subscription period.


Recurring payment termination

The recurring payment can be stopped by using the “Deactivate” button on the Mobile Video Service overview. The Mobile Video service remains activated until the end of the prepaid subscription period.


Other subscription options

If you need a long-term subscription or if you have a project with a higher number of devices, please contact your local 2N partner for a special project pricing quote.

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