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This guide describes how to connect 2N® LTE Verso to the Data network and basic call settings.

Before starting, it is recommended to have a My2N account set up and your Mobile device you want to call to registered. How to do it is described in this guide.

Registering to LTE network

Before inserting the SIM card, it is necessary to disable the PIN code. You can do so by inserting the SIM to a standard cell phone. Most of the phones have the option to disable the the PIN in their settings. Here is an example from a Samsung phone. If you are not sure how to do it, please consult manual of your cell phone.


After inserting the SIM card to the 2N® LTE Verso, you can observe behaviour of the red LED diod placed under the Main Call button to verify the status of the device. Meanings of different signals are described in following table:

LED behaviourMeaningNote
Diode is flashing  2N® LTE Verso is connecting to the network 
Diode is off2N® LTE Verso is connected to the data network 
Diode is illuminated for 5 secondsSIM card error (SIM not inserted, PIN request enable or no active data service)When this 5s timeout is over, another connection attempt is made and the LED starts flashing again.
Diode is flashing onlyThe LTE signal is insufficientCheck the area LTE signal coverage and antenna connection.Alternatively, use an appropriately placed external antenna. Caution – do not stick the external antenna to a metal surface!

If your 2N® LTE Verso is connected to the network, you can send SMS in format state pwd=<password> and intercom will return information about network and signal.  

Registering the 2N® LTE Verso to My2N cloud

Enter your My2N account, go to the Site you want to register the 2N® LTE Verso, if you own various, and follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings and select Where to call from.

  2. Select 2N IP Intercom.

  3. Add New Intercom.

  4. Fill in the Serial Number and the My2N Security Code.

    You can find the Serial Number and My2N Security Code enclosed it the backage.

    Security Code

  5. The intercom will be seen as registered within couple of minutes.

  6. Meanwhile you can go ahead and add a device (or several) to be called, when the button is pressed.



Now, you can make a call towards the device by pressing the button. With this, you have finished the basic set up.




Remote Configuration


2N’s free Remote Configuration enables you fully configure 2N® IP and LTE intercoms and Access Units using the My2N portal. Accessing the Intercoms configuration interface only requires an internet connection.


To be able to further configure 2N® LTE Verso, you need to add it to remote configuration tool:


  1. Go to Remote configuration section and select Add Device.

  2. Select the 2N® LTE Verso you have added previously to My2N cloud.

  3. Confirm the selection.

  4. Click on Configure, log in and access the configuration interface of the intercom. 
    Now you can fully control settings of the 2N® LTE Verso. 



    Keep in mind, that Users created in My2N and Button settings are synchronised with the My2N cloud and changes of these has to be made inside of the My2N Account.