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Please, follow the steps below what to check before you send the 2N® Lift8 device for repair:

Possible issues:

a) device does not boot up after plug in (power source)

b) device has "system led" red on the central unit

c) device doesn't recognize connected units


add a) check if from batteries is powered or not. Contact for more details. 


add b) You will need PC with latest service tools available on web page. Hold on reset button until all LEDs blinks once and than wait until system LED starts blinking RED, then press RESET button shortly for confirmation = you have deleted file system successfully. Then connect service tools, only upload of the firmware is available so proceed an upgrade. If that point doesn't help, contact  


add c) Check all units on short cable one by one. Be sure that hardware addresses were set on all units correctly. Check that polarity of 2-wires bus is correct. 


If you ask for RMA, where is obvious hardware damage, attach photos from the installation side, from the damaged part and another photo which could be important for RMA process.