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Please, follow the steps below what to check before you send the 2N® EasyGate, 2N® EasyGate PRO (UMTS) and on 2N® SmartGate (UMTS) device for repair:

Possible issues:

a) device does not boot up after plug in power source

b) device doesn't get signal

c) device system led flash quickly


add a) Check power source or try another one.


add b) Try another antenna which has better gain. In case of GSM version, be sure that in your area is GSM coverage. As there are countries where is no more GSM available. Try another mobile operator. 


add c) device has some hardware problems and needs to be sent for RMA.


If you ask for RMA, where is obvious hardware damage, attach photos from the installation side, from the damaged part and another photo which could be important for RMA process.