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2N® Access Commander BOX can be set to automatically boot up when power is connected to it.

This is particularly helpful if site where BOX is installed encounters a power outage, so BOX will start automatically once power is restored.

This tutorial is valid only for the hardware distribution – 2N® Access Commander Box.

order no. 91379030

  1. If BOX is turned on, switch off the Box by short pressing the blue Power button on top of the Box.
  2. Connect a display  (VGA/HDMI)  and keyboard (USB) to the relevant port on the Box
  3. Start the device boot up sequence  by pressing the Power button:


  4. Once BOX starts to boot up, please hit DEL button on connected keyboard.

  5. You will enter BIOS of device, please navigate to Chipset tab and choose Power On option for parameter restore AC Power Loss

  6. Save your changes in Save & Exit tab.