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Bluetooth - in general

It's a technology for wireless communication between two devices for a short distance in the 2,4GHz radiofrequency band.


It is possible to use Bluetooth technology instead of RFID cards. This identification is provided by a code which is unique to the end-devices equipped with this technology ie; most modern smartphones. Communication is secure and based on public and private keys that are exchanged (we use RSA-1028 asymmetric encryption and AES-128 symmetric encryption).

Variants of HW installation

There are three installation possibilities for the 2N® Access Unit equipped with a Bluetooth module :

  1. Stand-alone Access Unit  factory equipped internally  with a BT module - Access Unit Bluetooth  (916013)
  2. Stand-alone Access Unit factory equipped with combo BT + RFID module - Access Unit  13,56MHz & Bluetooth (9160335 or 9160335-S)
  3. Access Units (916009, 916010, 916019) expanded by external BT module (9155046 or combo modules 9155082, 9155084) connected to the internal bus


2N® IP Access Unit with firmware version 2.25 or higher

2N® Mobile Key app version 1.0.4 for iOS or version 2.0 for Android

Bluetooth enabled on phone
Location enabled on phone (for Android only)


Step by step guide - How to open paired doors using 2N® Mobile Key app

Step by step guide - How to setup connection between 2N® Mobile Key app and 2N® Access Unit

  1. Please open the web configuration page of the 2N® Access Unit and navigate to the section Hardware - Extenders and locate Bluetooth module
    Operation Mode "Tap in app" is pre-selected and you can specify the distance (Signal Range) within which your smartphone will communicate with the Bluetooth module. 
             * Short ... approx 0.5m from the Bluetooth module
             * Middle ... approx 3m from the Bluetooth module

             * Long ... more than 3m (can be also more than 10m, depending on the environment where 2N IP Access Unit with Bluetooth module is installed)

    In Tap in app mode, you will be able to open door by tapping door icon within the app in close proximity to door once you finish your setup.

  2. Install 2N® Mobile Key app from official OS store (Google Play, iTunes) to the mobile device of the user you wish to assign Bluetooth access to.

  3. In the intercom's web configuration please navigate to the section Directory - Users and choose the user you wish to grant Bluetooth access for.
    Fill in a username and scroll down to User Mobile Key parameter.
    Click on double arrow icon as shown on the picture below to generate a PIN code for pairing intercom with a mobile phone hosting the app. 

                  Firmware 2.23.1 and older:

                  Firmware 2.24.0 and later:

    Once you've done this, a PIN code for pairing with the phone's app will be generated as shown on the image below:

    The default PIN validity time is 1 hour. You need to pair the mobile phone before this time expires.

    Note: the PIN validity can be changed in the section "Services - Mobile Key - Pairing Mode Settings"

  4. Please enter lose proximity (1-2 meters) with the  2N® IP device you just configured for pairing with the app.

  5. When in close proximity to 2N® IP Access Unit equipped with a Bluetooth module, run the application and tap on the START PAIRING button

  6. The app will start searching for devices in close proximity.

  7.  Once the searching is finished, it will display a list of available 2N devices. Please choose the device you have configured for pairing with this mobile phone by tapping on START PAIRING button.

  8. The app will ask for authorization. Please insert the pairing code you generated in the previous steps and tap on the CONFIRM button (or Confirm and Pair button for IOS).







  9. If you enter the correct PIN code, you will see a confirmation screen saying "Pairing was successful". You can dismiss it by tapping on OK button.


Step by step guide - How to open paired doors using 2N® Mobile Key app

  1. If you have already paired 2N® Mobile Key app with a 2N® IP Intercom or Access Unit equipped with a Bluetooth module, enter within close proximity of the BT reader.

  2. Pick up your mobile device, open 2N® Mobile Key app and it will search for reachable devices. Once the scanning is finished, you will see all doors available for opening. 

  3. Once the device is found, please tap on the door you wish to open.

  4. If you are authorized, the door will open. The app will show a status green circle.















    In case that 2N® IP Access Units are managed using 2N® Access Commander, you do not need to pair with each door device.

    When the app on a mobile device detects a new 2N Bluetooth-equipped device, it will connect to it and check if the user is authorized for access.


    In case that 2N® IP Acces Units are not managed using 2N® Access Commander, an administrator can export a Bluetooth pairing settings backup and distribute it (import) to other door units. This procedure is described in the following article:

    Bluetooth, Administration - How to configure Bluetooth settings directly in device and how to distribute configuration ( export / import ) between devices

    When the app on a mobile device detects a new 2N Bluetooth-equipped device, it will connect to it and check if the user is authorized for access.


    In case that 2N® IP Access Units are not managed using 2N® Access Commander and Administrator cannot distribute settings using export / import feature, a user needs to pair his mobile device with the app with each door unit.


This procedure can be applied to:

  • 2N Access Unit
  • 2N Access Unit 2.0
  • 2N Access Unit M