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Adding a device to MY2N cloud

2N® Mobile Video service is compatible with 2N® Indoor Compact. First step is to add the 2N® Indoor Compact to Mobile video service. Select "STEP 2: Where to call" option.

Figure 1: Where to call


You need to choose which unit you would like to add to the cloud. In this case it is Answering Unit - 2N® Indoor Compact.

Figure 2: Where to call - answering units


The dialog box will be shown where you are asked to fill in serial number and security code to be able to add the device. You can also choose in which mode the device will be used and if the configuration of the device will be automatically done by the MY2N portal or manually by the user.

Local / Cloud mode

  • Local mode - The device is free of charge in the MY2N portal. Incoming and outgoing calls to the unit will be done via your LAN network by using device ID. This mode can be used in situations where you don't need to make calls via MY2N cloud for example intercom and answering unit are in the same LAN network. The configuration in this mode needs to be done manually. Local mode does not support automatic configuration. See section Configuration of 2N® Indoor Compact. 


  • Cloud mode - Calls will be forwarded via MY2N cloud. Subscription is required in this mode. This mode can be used in situations where for example the intercom and answering unit are in different LAN networks.


Figure 3: Adding device - by using security code

Security code

  • Security code is included in the package with the device on the card. Another way how you can obtain the security code is to go to the device setting section System - Auto Provisioning.
  • Note that security code is shown in the firmware version 2.26 and higher.


Adding device to MY2N cloud without the security code

  • Device can be added also without the security code by using MY2N ID. The procedure is exactly the same as described here.


Cloud mode

 You have two options how to set up your 2N® Indoor Compact. You can use automatic or manual configuration mode. Mode selection is available while adding device (see figure 3) or you can change the mode in device details:

Figure 4

Figure 5

Automatic configuration

First option is an automatic configuration mode. This mode is used for comfortable configuration of your answering unit via My2N service. You are able to configure switch codes and dial button of the 2N® Indoor Compact. You just need to go to device details setting (Figure 4) and then to the Call settings section. You can simply choose the call destination, which will be assigned to calling button, from the list of the devices connected in your MY2N account.

Figure 6

You can also change the unlock code sequence which is by default set to 00:

Figure 7

Manual configuration

Second mode is manual one. This means that you have to open web configuration interface of the 2N® Indoor Compact and set up all required parameters there. In this case you have to switch off the automatic mode (please refer to Figure 5).

1. You can specify the number to which the call should be established and SIP account which will be responsible for the forwarding of the call. The number of the device (Device ID) is shown in My2N portal Settings section. In this example the number is 4962898773 which is the ID of the registered Intercom. You can specify this number in the Directory menu section of the 2N® Indoor Compact. SIP account is defined by /2 parameter in the Phone number field. It is necessary to use SIP account number 2 for the proper function.

Figure 8


2. Secondly you have to adjust the settings in the section Services-Phone-SIP 2. Here you have to specify the following parameters:

  • Phone Number (ID): ID of the intercom assigned by the My2N portal
  • Domain: Domain name of the My2N service (
  • Authentication: Authentication of your device
  • Proxy Address: Domain name of the My2N service (
  • Proxy Port: Listening SIP port 

  • SIP Port: TCP has to be used



It is highly recommended to use SIP 2 account only, while registering the device to the My2N portal.


The SIP registration details can be obtained in the 2N® Indoor Compact device detail setting in your account (refer to Figure 4).

Figure: 9

You can simply configure these parameters in the intercom then:


 Figure: 10


 Figure 11

Successful registration is verified by the value: Registration State: REGISTERED. 

 3. Last step is to check the answering mode in the section Services - Phone - Calls, DTMF options in section Services - Phone - Audio and also unlocking code can be adjusted (Figure 14). Make sure that the same unlocking code is configured on the intercom side section Hardware - Switches - Activation codes.



 Figure 12

Figure 13


Figure 14