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2N® Indoor Compact is able to receive calls from the AXIS door station A8207-VE. 


  • 2N® Indoor Compact with firmware version 2.26.0 and later.
  • Tested with AXIS A8207-VE with firmware version 18.
  • IP address of AXIS A8207-VE: IP address of 2N® Indoor Compact: This is only an example, please change it according to your network requirements.

Configuration of 2N® Indoor Compact

  • Go to web management - Directory - Devices and add AXIS A8207-VE´s SIP address and unlock DTMF code to be able to call from Indoor Compact to AXIS A8207-VE.

Configuration of AXIS A8207-VE

  • Go to web management - VoIP - SIP Settings and enable SIP and incoming SIP calls.

  • Go to web management - VoIP - Phone book - Call button and add 2N® Indoor Compact´s SIP address as a recipient of the call button press.

  • Go to web management - VoIP - DTMF and add DTMF Sequence for unlocking the door by 2N® Indoor Compact.

  • Go to web management - Events - Management - Action Rules and create a new Action Rule to open the door when DTMF sequence is received during call.