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3rd party applications can be installed to 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0, Please note that 2N Telecommunications is not responsible for any incompatibility with 3rd party applications. Some application might be incompatible. Some of the applications also cannot use ethernet interface because the app is developed for mobile phones. Because mobile phones has only wifi interface, these type of applications will be working only with the Indoor Touch 2.0 WiFi version. No license is required to be able to install 3rd party applications into the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0. You only need to enable option to install 3rd party applications. 

How to get my application to the 2N® Indoor Touch 2.0?

To be able to install 3rd party apps the .apk file is required. You can download this file by using various web sites that provides the .apk download services. This .apk file can be installed by using MicroSD card.

The first step is to allow 3rd party application installation. Please note that you need to be in Administrator mode to be able to enable 3rd party app installation.

Next step is to insert the MicroSD card with .apk file and install the application.

Once your application is installed, you can add its quick launch icon on the home screen (launcher) in the Settings - Display menu.



  • 2N Telecommunications does not guarantee any functionality of 3rd party applications.
  • When functionality of 2N® Indoor Touch or 2N® Helios IP Mobile is questioned, 2N TechSupport will always request a factory reset to prove whether the issue is caused by 3rd party applications or not.