There could be several reasons, why 2N IP audio device: 2N® Net Audio Decoder / 2N® Net Audio Decoder Lite / 2N® Net Mic / 2N® Net Audio Encoder  is not connected to the 2N® IP Audio Manager :

  1. In factory default IP audio device obtain IP address automatically (DHCP client is ON). 

  2. Firewall can also block connection of the unit to the 2N® IP Audio Manager

    Picture below shows the situation when the network automatically assigns IP addresses (there is DHCP server in the network) but the device (e.g. 2N® Net Audio Decoder unit is not recognized = IT department does not know its MAC address). In this case IP address for 2N® Net Audio Decoder unit would not be automatically assigned .

Picture below shows an example of manually assigned IP address and IP mask,when the DHCP client has been switched OFF:

3. Password for authorization is used: IP audio device authentication to the Server / Server authentication to the IP audio device.

IP audio device is not connected to the 2N® IP Audio Manager even all parameters as: IP address, domain, connection mode are set-up correctly? Most probably you have previously used password for device/server authorization.