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LED Indicators

2N® 2Wire Joining procedure

In case you are using more than one pair of 2N 2Wire on one electrical phase you need to do a joining procedure on each pair of 2Wire so that they are communicating with the correct end unit.

Before you start the joining procedure you need to have the 2 units of 2Wire connected together and do the Unjoining procedure (to be sure that the units are not communicating with another unit at the moment). The Unjoining procedure is described below.

Pick one of the units and put something small (a pencil end or a paper clip) and press a button inside PoE LED diode for 2 seconds. When you let the button go the PoE LED diode will start blinking, telling you that it is in a search mode.

Pick up the other unit and repeat the procedure. When you let go of the button behind the LED diode of PoE both units will start to blink.

After both units stop blinking, the Power and BNC LED diodes will be shining telling you, that both units are paired together.

2N® 2Wire Unjoining procedure

In case you want to unjoin two units so they can work with a different unit, pick the unit up and insert something small (a pencil end or a paper clip) into the PoE LED diode and press the small button behind the LED diode. Press the button for 10 seconds until the BNC diode stops shining.

Repeat the procedure also on the other unit.

Connection of more than 1 slave unit to 1 master unit

You can connect up to 4 slave units to each master unit. The interconnection can be done 2 ways:

  1. Use coaxial cables and a splitter for coaxial cable 

  2. Use 4 pairs of 2 wire cable and connect them to terminal block that is delivered together with the unit. You can connect all 4 cables of each pair to corresponding terminal.

If you are using more than one slave unit connected to a master unit we recommend to use power supply also on the side of the slave unit to guarantee best performance.