The 2N® IP Mobile application in 2N® Indoor Touch can communicate with all 2N® IP Intercoms present in the local network (and vice versa) in default. In order to increase a basic security of the installation for certain scenarios we have implemented an optional access authentication of the 2N® IP Mobile application to the 2N® IP Intercoms by an adjustable Access key. Thanks to the Access key on the side of the intercom, only selected mobile applications with the equal key set in the 2N® Helios IP Group Authentication field of the application can see the intercom connected in the same LAN.

It is strong recommended to use the latest FW version for 2N® IP intercom as available here.

The 2N® IP Intercoms Group Authentication/Access key feature does not need any additional license for the 2N® IP intercom. 

How to configure 2N® IP intercom?

As a very first step go to the section "Services - Phone - LAN Devices" and fill in the "Access Key" field in General Settings to enable authentication for the 2N® IP Mobile application as shown in the picture below. You can add up to 3 Access Keys.

As a very first step go to the section  "Services - Phone - 2N Indoor Units" and fill in the "Access Key" field in General Settings to enable authentication for the 2N® IP Mobile application as shown in the picture below. You can add up to 3 Access Keys.

How to set 2N® Indoor Touch?

Once the 2N® Indoor Touch is connected to the local network and powered (over PoE or using an external 12V DC/2A power supply) it will boot up and you see its initial screen (launcher). By clicking on the 2N® IP Mobile application icon in the right upper corner you can open it and access its settings.

To be able to detect and add a key protected 2N® IP Intercom in the local network, you need to set the equal Access Key in the application first. Go to the section "Settings - 2N® Helios IP Group Authentication" and set the same key as set on the intercom side, see the pictures below.


The application automatically scans your LAN network and looks for all connected 2N® IP Intercoms with the equal Access Key/2N® Helios IP Group Authentication identification. You can easily add them in the "Devices" section by clicking on the "+" button.


By clicking on the specific row in the LAN devices list you can add selected intercoms only, or by clicking on the checkbox in the right upper corner you can add all of them at once.


By clicking on the confirmation button you have just added the desired local devices to the list and the application is ready to call.