2N® Access Commander can be integrated to Milestone Xprotect software in order to connect information from access system with videos.

2N Plugin for XProtect Access integration enables integration of 2N® Access Commander access control solution to allow viewing events,

status and cardholder information from within the Xprotect® Smart Client user interface.

The access control integration feature introduces functionality that makes it simple to integrate access control systems with the Milestone XProtect software.

For more information on functionality of XProtect Access® module, see the documentation for  your XProtect VMS and for XProtect® Smart Client.

This articles applies to following software and licenses:

Note: In order to make integration active, license is required and it can be obtained from Milestone's reseller or distributor. You can view license information of XProtect® Access module in the MIP Plugins section of the Management Application or in the license overview page of the Management Client. License information on individual devices is listed in the Associated Cameras tab of the Access Control system

Installation of the 2N Plugin for XProtect® Access

To start the installation wizard for the XProtect Event Server plugin:
  1. Run the file 2N Plugin for XProtect Access on the computer that hosts the XProtect Event Server service.

  2. The installer automatically detects the location of the XProtect Event Server and deploys relevant files into a correct subfolder on the machine.


  3. The installer provides an ability to automatically restart Xprotect Event server in Milestone automatically when installation completes.
    Alternatively restart the XProtect Event Server at a later time from the XProtect Management  Application or Windows services.

Configuration of XProtect® Access

After installing the XProtect Event Server plugin, set up an integration to the 2N® Access Commander software.
  1. Open the Milestone XProtect Management Application (or Management Client).

  2. Make a right-click on the "Access Control" option to create a new integration.

  3. In new dialog box, select 2N Access Control as an "Integration plug-in". It should be offered to you as an option in the select box.

    Fill in relevant fields for connection with 2N® Access Commander system and click to "Next" button.
    Field NameField Description
    NameName of 2N access control system which is displayed within the Milestone XProtect software.
    Network address of a serve where is 2N® Access Commander installed.
    PortNetwork port for connection to 2N® Access Commander (default is 443).
    UsernameUsername of Administrator account in 2N® Access Commander (default is "admin")
    PasswordPassword of Administrator account in 2N® Access Commander.
  4. The XProtect Event Server establishes a connection with 2N® Access Commander to retrieve the list of entities.
    Milestone XProtect Management Application (or Management Client) shows a list of the configuration items that were retrieved from 2N® Access Commander.

  5. Map or interconnect cameras in the XProtect with access points (doors) of the 2N IP intercoms and 2N® Access Unit in the access control system.
    This step is optional during initial configuration as mappings may be changed at any time. Please See the XProtect Administrator's manuals for more information.
  6. When initial configuration is complete, the plug-in is activated in the XProtect Event Server and XProtect® Access functionality is enabled in the XProtect software.
  7. Configure zones, users, access rights, devices, time profiles etc. via 2N® Access Commander's web interface.
  8. After you finish configuration you can see video from 2N devices in XProtect Smart Client tool - see example below.

Update existing configuration of XProtect® Access to reflect changes in 2N® Access Commander

If any changes are made in the 2N® Access Commander, such as adding, removing or renaming devices, you must update the configuration of the integration.
  1. Edit the properties of the access control system integration that appears as a option below Access Control in the Management Application or Management Client.
  2. In the General settings tab, click on "Refresh Configuration" button. XProtect Event Server plugin retrieves added, changed or removed items from the 2N® Access Commander (see picture below)
  3. Verify that the detected changes are correct and apply them to the running access control system integration.

Remove 2N® Access Commander integration from Milestone Xprotect Access

To remove the 2N® Access Commander integration from Xprotect® Access please do following:
  1. Delete all access control settings related to integration with 2N® Access Commander in the Management Application or Management Client if they are not used any more.
  2. Uninstall the 2N Plugin for XProtect Access integration from the computer running Xprotect Event Server.