Configuration backup

How to back up current device configuration can be seen in the picture below.

Make sure to always back up your device's configuration before you start firmware update. Newer configuration file might not be compatible with your previous FW should you need to use it due to some compatibility issues etc.

Notice: It's highly recommended to always use the latest FW version available on 2N webpage before you report a technical issue! The issue you might be facing may already be fixed.

Please always send us information about your intercom's FW version and its serial number.

Network trace

How to capture network traces on 2N IP intercoms?

Because the buffer for traces is limited, it is really necessary to start the trace right before you make the test call and then stop it before it reaches the maximum buffer size – 4096kB!

First of all, start the capture by clicking the "Start" button, make a call and stop the capture by clicking the "Stop" button, then click the "Download" button to download the trace file (hiptrace.pcapand send it to us.

Send us description of used LAN topology, NATs, IP addresses, devices you're trying to integrate with, etc. that might help in solving the issue.