The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), Directory service is an application running on the Directory server, which collects and provides information on the named and frequently accessed objects that seldom change. The information is stored in the form of tree-structured records on the directory server. The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP), working on the client-server principle, is a convenient tool for storing and accessing data on the directory server. The LDAP also includes client authentication.

LDAP in 2N® NetStar, The Directory service menu consists of two main sections. A list of available directory servers is located to the left and server parameters are to the right. Click the context menu in the server list with the right-hand mouse button to create, rename or delete a server. The LDAP server configuration includes:



Use the context menu to add or remove an organisational unit – phone book.


Suppose there is a structure on the LDAP server ( domain) including a group (2N) and subgroups (Development, Sales, etc.). Enter the suffix   ou=Development,ou=2N,dc=tel-2n,dc=cz  to download the contacts of the Sales subgroup.



Synchronisation result

Use the Global data – Scheduled tasks menu to schedule synchronisation. Add the LDAP synchronisation event and set the synchronisation time. View the synchronisation result in the lower part of the screen.