Since FW version 2.22 the intercoms of 2N® IP intercoms family contain a new menu "Hardware->Door" in the web interface. This menu offers following:

  • Even easier configuration of the 2N® IP intercoms. It concentrates all settings related to the physical door controlled by the intercom in one place.
  • The installer in now able to setup a different global Entry and Exit rules and a different global modes of authentication (double authentication via code and RFID code, triple authentication via code, RFID card and Bluetooth and so on) instead of configuring it for each user.
  • Configuration of the REX button is part of this menu.
  • New integration with Genetec Synergis access control system.

Firmware version 2.22 requires 2N® Access Commander version 1.9.1 or higher, firmware version 2.23 requires 2N® Access Commander version 1.10 or higher, for closer details see here. Step by step FAQ with detailed description of this new menu including screens from the web interface itself can be found below.

Configuration of the Door section

Go to the section "Hardware->Door->Door". It offers the following settings:

Door Lock

This section defines which switch from the section "Hardware->Switches" is used for the physical door lock (or door strike). You also need to configure a particular switch in that section (Switch 1 in the picture). Logic in this section stays the same. You just pick a particular Switch (in our case "Hardware->Switches->Switch 1") and choose a physical output for the parameter "Controlled Output" as shown in the picture below.

Door Open Sensor

In this part you can configure all settings related to a door sensor (it can be the magnetic contact from 2N for instance, ordering no. 9159012). 

REX Button

This section configures so-called request on exit button, which allows to open the door when exiting a building. Once the button is pressed, the door is opened.

Genetec Synergis

This section allows integration with a part of the Genetec Security Center platform and in particular with the Genetec Synergis access system. The intercom FW contains the RIO protocol of Genetec which is used for the communication with the Genetec server. If configured, the intercom forwards an ID of every swiped card (or Bluetooth and finger print if the virtual card ID is used) to the server which has a database and it verifies whether it is valid or not. Based on that, the intercom will either open the door or not. 

All you need to do in this section is enabling the "Enable" checkbox and fill in the "Synergis Server Address" with the actual IP address of your server and the credentials ("Username" and "Password"). The "Connection state" shows whether the connection is established successfully or not.

Configuration of the Entry Rules and the Exit Rules

If you are using the 2N® IP intercom together with the 2N® Access Commander then it is necessary to use at least version 1.9.1. This version does not have the new Door section yet, however it is fully compatible with the FW version 2.22 for the intercoms. The Door menu will be available in the version 1.11 of the 2N® Access Commander. Below you will find what exact parameters are configured by the 2N® Access Commander server.


The picture below shows the layout of the "Entry Rules menu". The parameters are explained below the picture.

Entry Rules

This section serves for configuration of a multiple entry rules with a different authentication modes. Since version 2.22 the authentication modes are configured globally here and it is not possible to configure it for each user. Configuration of multiple authentication for each user from the previous FW version is not reflected here after the upgrade to version 2.22.

Advanced Settings

  Service cards


Exit Rules 

Exit rules are NOT affected by the 2N® Access Commander anyhow at the moment! As you can see in the picture below, the Exit rules have the same parameters as the Entry Rules. So besides the fact that nothing is being configured by the the 2N® Access Commander server, everything described above for the Entry rules is also applied here. There is just one difference. You have a checkbox for each Access rule, where you can define whether it should be possible to open the door via the REX button when this rule is applied. 

Card reader configuration

The last thing you need to do is configuration of the card reader or readers (in case you use Entry and Exit rules both). You can configure the reader either in the section "Hardware->Extenders" for  2N® IP Verso or you can do it in the section "Hardware->Card reader" for the other 2N® IP intercoms. You need to define two things. The first is the parameter "Door" where you can pick whether the reader will be on the Entry or the Exit side. So the options are "Door Entry" and "Door Exit". The second thing is the parameter "Associated Switch" which defines which switch will be controlled by the card reader. You can pick one of the 4 switches in the section "Hardware->Switches" or the "Door Lock Switch" which was defined in the begging of this FAQ. In our case we use the Door Lock Switch.