Frequently Asked Questions - 2N IP Intercoms and Answering Units

Is there any list of IP/SIP phones we can integrate your intercoms with?

Can I use tablet or mobile phone to connect to the 2N IP intercom?

How many users I can call from one 2N IP Intercom button?

If a single house has two entrances , can we use two IP intercoms and connect them to one screen inside?

Can we place IP Intercom under direct sunlight?
Can we see out door unit through web ?

How many doors/locks can we controll with one 2N IP Intercom? How can the user control these locks?

How many entrance panel is supported for IP Intercoms system?

Can we record the audio communication on a server?

In order to monitor the system from the mobile application we should connect our switch to the internet or the monitor itself could be connected to the internet through P2P function?

Do you have an IP audio intercom to communicate with 2N Indoor Talk?

Does the system allow internal calls from one apartment to another ?

Can i use the keypad module as a speed dial to sip accounts, instead of extending to multiple call buttons?

So the solution is 2 parts? we have to offer the intercom + the answering unit?